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Fri Nov 9 08:22:11 PST 2018

Greetings Internaute!

You're probably already aware, if your account has been validated, you have the email address [email protected]

But I have since brought on some of my personal domains that don't otherwise have anything to do in cyberspace. They are available to all users for incoming email, but you won't be able to send from them as the system will default to your mmn.cx address.

Also, it's worth mentioning, that all my domains are locked down with DKIM and SPF, so using them with another provider will end in rejected mails.

Here is a current list of active email domains:-

vx.sg   nbc.am     star.net.ht
ax.pe   minitel.in   c64.fr      yesic.net

Certain domains are available as a special request and are not activated by default, message Kevin to engage them:-

mmn.st   signal.earth  signal.sg    fidonet.me
bell.im  netcom.li     juno.global  cs.com.vc

By default, SPAM filtering is of course turned on, you can manage your personal settings by registering at mmn.spamflare.com.

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