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Fri Nov 9 08:15:33 PST 2018

Greetings Internaute!

You may or may not be aware that MMN, not only is a BBS we do many other things to, if you're interested see www.mmn.on.ca for details.

This BBS is run as a personal hobby and is not connected to the business side of things, so to make things a bit clear that I spend my own $$ on running this.

For this reason, please don't abuse the system, it's my long time baby and it ruins it for everybody.

Personal Interactions
I know that not everybody has to like each other, but we do have to be decent to eachother and civil. Discourse is going to happen, arguements do occur, this is life.

However, that being said, harassment, defamation, racisism, sexism, homophobia and anything else that quantifies as « hate speech » will not be accepted on this board.

For clarity, we're not talking First Amendment stuff here, the board is Located in Montréal, Québec, Canada and I'm based in Paris, France. As such, we have a line between what is Free Speech and Hate Speech, please do not cross it, I don't want to read it on my board and you'll be banned.

Shared Resources
I am a fond fan of certain projects, especially AIOE.org. For this reason I use their public access news server to pull our usenet feeds, but with any public service there are limits. The BBS as a whole can only post 40 articles a day, so by all means have interactions, just don't post garbage and prevent others from having a meaningful discussion.

I would also highly reccomend you check them out for a bit more info on their project.

Email is also a complicated beast, since this server is hosted on the Google Cloud, crossing that line is a bit of a problem. Therefore, only validated people will have outbound email access, there is no external SMTP or POP access. Sending and receiving emails is limited to within the BBS itself. Please note as well, since incoming email is SPAM filtered, you will not be able to receive anything until I manually approve the account.

I use a mix of Mailgun and MX Guard Dog for the board's email, as you can probably imagine if we become a SPAM source, it will not go down well for me with Mailgun one bit. And of course, Google will pull the plug.

I try my best to keep everything locked down, email is transmitted via TLS and over an internal network from the BBS to the mail thrower machine, from there it's encrypted between that machine and Mail Gun, what happens next is anybody's guess. Same with incoming, it's encrypted from receipt to the BBS.

But let me be very clear here, the software I run is from a different era, before people were shitty and Russians allegedly rigged elections. You're connecting over the least secure protocol available (telnet). I do offer a web version of the BBS, it's not quite the same but SSL is indeed involved there.

I seriously recommend NOT using a usual password, while I can verify the intregrity of my database, I can't verify that your internet connection is not being snooped on.

Further to this and for total clarity, I can access all messages on the BBS, I don't go looking through them but should I be compelled to by a French Court, I won't have much of a choice.

I'm thankfully nowhere near America, the server too is not based in the US, so your data is pretty much in a better condition than, say, on Facebook. Since this is not a business venture, technically I'm not bound by GDPR but since I'm not a total dick, I still apply those principals to how I manage what information you choose to give me. If you want anything changed, amended or removed, I will do this.

I can only accept these kinds of requests from within your account or an email address linked to your account.

You can message me on the BBS as Kevin, SysOp Page or by Email : [email protected]

If you have any questions though, just ask, if you'd like something added to the BBS, I will happily give it a shot.

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