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Wildcat! Navigator Introduction

Bring all the power of the WIN Server to your fingertips with the Free Wildcat! Navigator. Installing the Wildcat! Navigator lets you experience the excitement of the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server client programs. It makes it more than just a Web server!

Download Wildcat! Navigator For Windows

Description of WcNavigator Clients

Message Client

The message client is a remote mail processing agent that lets you compose and send email and conference messages.

Chat Client

The chat system is like a CB Radio with a number of channels. When you go into wcChat, you start out in the main channel. Depending on how the Sysop has set it up, there may be other public channels, where anyone can go. Everyone on the remote system also has a private channel of their own, where they can invite other callers. You cannot enter someone else's private channel without an invitation.

File Client

The file client provides a visual representation of your drives, directories, and folders that is very similar to the Windows Explorer.

Who's Online

The who client is a user information program that lets you see who's online. You can page and chat with other callers using WHO. Used as part of the Navigator, this program lets callers view the remote system. The Wildcat! Navigator interface creates a user interface for remote systems that is easy to use and flexible.

Personal Properties

The personal client lets you change your user settings and see your current statistics. You can launch other programs, like Chat, from the personal client.

Terminal Client

The terminal client lets you "drop" to the ANSI side of the remote system. This means that you are no longer viewing the remote system using a graphic interface. The command structure and visual display are different. While the features and choices available are the same, the way you access them is handled differently. You will not need to open this client manually - your sysop will know when to launch the client and add the correct links.

Browser Client

The Browser client allows the user to use his favorite browser to surf the internet.   When logged in using the Wildcat! Navigator, the browser can be use to start all the client applications.

Instant Messaging

Wildcat! Navigator allows you to send instant messages to any user that is currently online.


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